It has become every mother’s instinct to stay as healthy as possible for the good of her entire family. When the mom gets seriously ill, however, it can be flustering yet moving to see how she can opt to keep saddening emotions to herself, hoping to continue to be the light of the home.

Perhaps moms wish to leave their family undisturbed about their emotions. Perhaps they want to display a strong image of themselves. But keeping heavy loads all to one’s self can be burdensome. Time will come when these emotional burdens would have to be expressed and heard.

Do you happen to have an ill-stricken mom? Widen your vision and sharpen your hearing, as she may not always have the will to tell you she’s going through these kinds of feelings:

  • Fright – Being badly ill can be frightening to everybody. As a woman, your frightened mom can go through lots of torturous thoughts about the future. Uncertainties about what happens next become an everyday agony she tries to bear in silence. She would fear even worst case scenarios, like the possibility of losing herself completely to the 0 and losing her life eventually, leaving behind the very people she’s living for.
  • Pain – Your mom, for as long as she has the strength to do so, can continue to wear the mask that she’s okay – that her pains shouldn’t greatly affect anybody. As long as she can deal with the pains brought by her illness, she will likely combat each pain without having to seek your help. Screaming for help can become the least of options.
  • Unfairness – Wondering why of all people she was the one caught by the illness is an inevitable stage for your mom. Rather than wailing and grumbling before your eyes though, she would more likely wail about these feelings of unfairness in her heart. After all, she may think she’s not too terrible to be pitied at – at least by her family members.
  • Hopelessness – Your mom’s will to fight her illness is fortified by her love for you and the entire family. But when the condition tends to be in a hopeless state, it would be grueling to process reality and make others see the condition through her sight. So she ends up being eaten up by her own feelings of hopelessness, missing the opportunity to be encouraged by the very people who are just around the corner willing to offer help.

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