Has a chronic condition made your mom greatly dependent on others for daily living? Has it become difficult for her to complete a task at home by herself? Do you wake up to the guilt of not being able to attend to her needs consistently? Perhaps your job is demanding a lot of your time, resulting in your infrequent availability to be there for your ill loved one.

You don’t have to bear the guilt on a daily basis. With Golden Age Companions, you can have the peace of mind and assured heart you’ve been wishing to attain for the longest time! As a leading provider of Home Care in Irvine CA, you can entrust your mom to our pleasurable care while you’re away! We take pride in granting your highly respected loved one of the following benefits:

  1. Customized Care -We design and modify our services in ways suiting to your mom’s condition. No two patients get the exact same treatments from us, as every patient carries different cases and specifications. We do not just provide haphazard and mediocre care; we give your mom the best that she deserves. For sure, that is also what you hope your mom would receive.
  2. Credible Care – Our care services aren’t just a product of unprofessional experimentation. Each type of care has been well-thought and thoroughly knit. Our services are tested and proven to be efficient and effective, thus duly reliable and worth any patient’s try. In effect, we can be that homecare agency you’ll call first every time your loved one’s needs arise. You can find us credible as it shows in our track record.
  3. Constant Care – If you struggle with consistency in your care, we can work on your behalf in constantly keeping watch over your ill mom. We value your mom’s preferred schedules for us to go to your place. When urgent needs rise at an unexpected moment, you can also count on us for still being prompt in delivering our services. We don’t just simply come and go; when you call for our help, we mean to stick with your needing loved one through thick and thin.
  4. Compassionate Care – Our professional care providers are capable of serving patients with a compassionate heart. Compassion eases your mom’s clouded mind and agonized heart. We mean to deliver our services with empathy and sincere care. This shows in the gentleness of our touch, tactfulness of our tongue, eagerness of our listening abilities, and cheerfulness of our countenance for your mom’s uplifting. We can be your parent’s best source of comfort and encouragement.

Ease your worries about falling short when attending to your mom’s needs. Channeling her to us can be the best help you’ll ever provide! For Home Care Assistance in CA, we invite you to give us a call at 866-668-6800. You can also look through our website if you wish to know us more: www.goldenagecompanions.com.