People tend to think as time goes by, age will hinder them from doing the things that they want to do. Don’t think of growing old a door-closing experience. Think of it as an adventure. If you are the son or daughter of an aging parent, help them stay entertained and busy. There will be challenges for your mother or father along the way, but remember that if they have the proper mindset, they will have the power and the ability to do the things that they want to do. Assist them in expanding their horizons and living their life to the fullest.

Stay Active

Don’t let your parents get lazy as they reach their golden years. Keep them physically active. As the years pass, encourage your mother or father to exercise as frequently as they can. The elderly who don’t work out often increase their chances of getting sick. Get your parent moving and don’t let their body slowly get weaker. Encourage them to lift weights to lower their risk of osteoporosis. Aerobic exercises will help strengthen their heart. There are many ways your parents can get the exercise that they need. When they stay physically healthy, they maintain their mobility and their ability to get out and do activities they long to do.


Your brain’s health is just as important as your body’s health. Get your parents to learn something new. Learning something new won’t just help your parents stay entertained and busy, it will also keep their mind’s sharp. If your parent continuously challenges himself or herself to learn new things, their brains will get stimulated, helping them fight memory loss. Motive your aging loved one to pick up a new hobby. Does your parent enjoy music? Encourage them to learn how to play an instrument. Maybe they’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet or knit, but they never had time before. A great way for your loved one to learn something new is by taking a class.

Find Companions

Companionship is important no matter how old you are. If your mother or father can no longer drive themselves around, it might be hard for them to get out and spend time with their friends. Help your parents stay social. Be the transportation that they need. If your elderly loved one has lost their companions, encourage and help them find new ones. With companionship, your parent is less likely to be lonely and depressed. They will also have someone to do activities with. Don’t let your parent suffer from loneliness; be the companion that they are looking for if they lack human interaction.

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