It can be difficult to not only know when your loved one needs assistance, but also to know what assistance they need. Many opt to send their loved ones away from their home to an assisted living facility. However, this might not be the best place for your loved one. Many, such as our founder have seen the devastating effects of sending their aging loved ones away.

The Effects of Moving Away

Aging parents and grandparents are lumped into the herd of patients that must be cared for by unstaffed nursing homes and, as a result, do not receive the time, care, and attention that they need. Also, being forced to move from their home has devastating effects: they are taken away from the comforts of their particular home, friends in the area, and memories that they created there. Being forced to move away can feel like, and may be, a death sentence.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Elder Care

As we can learn from the video, there are signs that can tell us that our loved one needs assistance. If we watch out for these signs, we may better know when it is time to invest in an in-home caregiver:

  • Frequent Confusion
  • Loneliness
  • Unable to Cook or Clean
  • Needs Help Taking Medication
  • Family Member Can Not Provide Care
  • Assistance is Needed Every Day

It can be difficult to know what your loved one needs. Learn more about live-in care, the services that we offer, and what sets us apart from other elder-care providers in the Palm Desert, Irvine, and Orange Country area.

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