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January 6, 2022
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Elderly Care – Challenges, Options and Benefits of Elderly Care

Elderly care is an essential component of life for aging parents and young adults. After a certain age, parents need assistance from young professional caregivers who are kind and supportive in understanding elderly needs at home and make life easier in difficult times.

Young professional caregivers are people who have had previous experience with aging parents. This enables them to understand the elder’s needs. Their goal is to provide elderly people with utmost comfort and security in their golden age years.

There are many factors that can contribute to the ill health of aging parents. This may include lack of exercise, more stress, financial problems, and depression. These factors may cause cognitive health problems such as memory loss or loneliness which can make life difficult for them.

Elderly care can help them with various activities of daily life, such as chores, transportation to doctor’s appointments, and medication management.

Caregivers assist people with different health problems like Alzheimer’s disease or other age related disabilities that may interfere with their day to day activities. There are many facilities like retirement homes and long term care that provide elderly people with other services such as rehabilitation and meals.

Caregivers work at home visiting different patients on regular basis. They may also visit facilities to help those who cannot be assisted at their own homes.

Elderly Care Options

There is an increase in the elderly and they need care more than ever before. Many aged people can’t handle their health problems on their own and require proper support from young professionals. There are many job opportunities in this field where care providers assist them with daily living activities such as medication management, transportation to doctor’s appointments, housekeeping, and cooking.

Caregivers are often people who have children or aging parents themselves. This enables them to understand problems that the elderly are facing in their golden years. They do not only assist the elder with physical needs but emotional care as well. Assisting older adults is a rewarding experience for caregivers who help to improve their quality of life.

The caregiver’s main duty is to provide care for elderly people who can’t take care of themselves or may be suffering from age related disabilities. They work in a facility that provides medical treatment and other services to meet their needs.

Elder Care Cost for Older Adults

Elderly care costs vary from person to person. It depends on the type of care required, location, and other services that people may need such as meals or transportation. The average elderly care cost is $32 per hour in California, but it can be more or less depending on various factors.

Elder home care services which are more affordable and convenient compared to other options are one of the best ways to keep young adults happy and healthy. Senior care at home is preferred to assisted living facilities as it provides care resources and health care in one’s home.

It may also be suitable for those who prefer to remain independent and want less care from professional caregivers. It also provides opportunities for family caregivers and visits from family members.

People also turn to senior care as an alternative because it’s cheaper than assisted living homes and provides more comfort, privacy, and ease of mind.

Elderly Care for Dementia

The elderly may suffer from memory loss and other health related problems such as Alzheimer’s disease. Caregivers in home care services must be ready to work with this type of patient. Read what is caregiver and types of caregiver. They may face difficulties with communicating or remembering things that require patience and understanding from caregivers.

It is beneficial for caregivers to engage in conversation with dementia patients which will slowly help them recover from their memory loss or communication problems. Engaging in conversations not only helps them improve their communication skills but also helps them with their self esteem. Caregivers need not be dismissive of the patient. The patient may have a tough exterior but they are also dealing with emotions from losing memories and being so dependent on others for companionship.

This requires patience and understanding of what the person is going through so as not to add pressure when attending to his physical and emotional needs. But most importantly, the caregiver must understand that this person may have mood swings from time to time.

Caregivers must be able to handle the challenging behaviors of elderly patients. They may experience problems with memory or reasoning, become restless, and even aggressive every now and then. Caregivers should always keep in mind that these are early signs of dementia.

Elderly Care and Family Caregivers

Most families do agree that the elderly household members need to be provided with their needs and proper care as they age. Some family caregivers can take care of them on their own, while some providers would offer some form of assisted living such as nursing homes or home health aides.

Is it possible for you to provide your aging parents with the help they need and not get burdened in the process?

You can provide your parents with proper care when you have a great support system from family members or close friends. You need to define the roles of everyone so that you know who will do what. It is important to delineate these responsibilities so there would be no overlap and ensure adequate support for everyone.

When you are the one taking care of your elderly parents, you need to take time for yourself too. You should reserve some time for yourself so that you won’t get exhausted easily. There is nothing wrong with asking for help from friends and family members especially if you know they would be more than willing to pitch in.

Elderly Care Facility Vs Elderly Care at Home

The issue of long term care at a facility or home is one that has been on the forefront of many people’s minds as of late. A recent study conducted by the University of California shows some very interesting results:

“Home based elder care providers say they provide higher quality and more personal service than those working in an elder care facility”

The researchers found that providers working in a facility were less likely to perform daily activities of living. These include getting dressed, bathing, and feeding than care providers in a home.”

Studies also revealed that on average, the family caregivers bathed their patients more often than care facility staff did. Disability Care at Home is also important for seniors.

What to look for in Elderly Caregiver

Before hiring a caregiver for your elderly parent or grandparent, it is important to know what you are looking for. For those who have never been through the process of hiring an elderly caregiver before, it can be challenging to find the right fit without wasting too much time interviewing poor candidates.

It is very important that you ask about background checks and references before you hire your elderly caregiver. You want to make sure that their previous employer was satisfied with their work and that they are honest people who will be truthful about their background.

Some red flags include an applicant’s unwillingness to do the job or a history of suspicious activity, dishonesty, or other infractions. Your best bet is to ask for references and then follow up with them before hiring your caregiver.

You also want to make sure that the candidate is physically capable of doing the job. If you are looking for a home health aide, they should be able to lift 25 or more pounds on a regular basis.

Also, make sure the elderly caregiver has all of the appropriate certifications for the job that they are applying for. They should have CPR training with American Heart Association certification and First Aid with Red Cross certification. If the candidate you are looking at does not already have their certifications, ask if they are willing to acquire any necessary certificates.

It is important to note that it can actually be more difficult to find elder care if the person you want is a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). That means they will likely be seeking higher wages and benefits than other caregivers, so it might cost you more money upfront.

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