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January 25, 2022
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Caretaker for Patient at Home – How Live In Care Works

The right balance of care can be difficult to achieve. You need time for yourself, and also consideration towards your loved one’s needs. If you find that the demands on your schedule are increasing, you should take some help from the caretaker for a patient at home.

The health care of the elderly and the overall situation will be better if you can share some of the responsibilities. This way both you and the patient/elderly feel more supported in the difficult journey.

There are many possibilities to gain support. You can hire a professional who works on the basis of an hourly rate, or ask for help from relatives and friends. We will now go into further detail about what these different options mean for your caretaking situation.

Hiring Live In Care and Different Scenarios

If you need a lot of support, or can’t get any from friends and family, it may be best to hire someone. The person who helps you out must have the right qualifications.

For example, a caretaker for a patient at home should know how to carry out basic medical procedures. If this isn’t the case, your loved one’s health may be at risk. You should also check that the caretaker for patients at home has experience in working with seniors, and knows how to communicate well with them.

You should also know if your loved one accepts help from a stranger. If they resist, it could be very difficult for you. This will cause tension and stress. You can avoid this by scheduling regular meetings to get to know the caretaker. There are several benefits of home health care. So, putting an effort is worth it. Another approach is to hire someone who already has an established relationship with your loved one. This way they will be more open to receiving support.

Live In Care Vs Family Caregivers

Hiring professional caregivers is a possibility for many patients. It means you can get support without having to ask family and friends for help. The cost of hiring professionals is, however, often quite high. Furthermore, not all care agencies offer the same quality of service and you have to carefully select the best ones in your area.

In such cases, asking family or friends can turn out to be an equally good solution, but it can also be inconvenient. Asking for help from family or friends can come up with various conditions. For example, if your loved ones live far away, you only get support in times when they are around.

Similarly, most family home caregivers are not as trained professionally. For example, for complex tasks, companionship, and related needs of your loved one, family caregivers should know standards and SOP’s to follow. Otherwise, you will probably prefer nearby available professional help.

Hiring Caregivers From An Agency Vs Doing It Yourself

You should consider hiring assistance from an agency even if the care is provided by family and friends. The advantages associated with working with a professional agency include the following:

  • If you choose an agency, your care services meet all current national and international standards and regulations of personal hygiene, health care, daily living, and home health for your family member. In this way, there is no risk of malpractice.
  • It is also possible to get help from other types of professionals such as caregivers, nurses, and health care coordinators.

It is much easier for you in finding the right agency in your locality, when you know your needs and do some market research. You should also keep in mind the level of elderly care, and the location of the agency you are contacting. For Orange County in Irvine, California, Golden Age Companions have a vast network of experienced and professional caregivers and home health professionals.

Hiring Own Caregiver:

There are also a number of things you should consider if you choose to hire a caregiver on your own. This is a viable option as long as your loved one needs a low level of support. However, it can be difficult to arrange schedules.
You also need to verify that he/she is properly qualified and an experienced professional with hands on practice related to home health procedures. The ideal candidate must have previous experience in taking care of the elderly and/or patients.
You should check the background of candidates as well as must confirm that they will not leave you in the lurch.

Ethics and Morals in Providing Care at Home

It is important that there are no issues regarding ethics or morals related to hiring an in home caregiver. Make sure that your caregiver is not stealing from you or mistreating your loved one in your absence.

It is important to implement a hiring process that ensures unfortunate things don’t happen. By implementing a background check and other protections into the hiring process, you can be sure that the caregiver will not have a criminal history.

It is advised to always look for an agency that can fulfill your needs without wasting time and energy. For Irvine and Orange County Area, we will provide you with the best caretakers.

What kind of Tasks can an Hourly Paid Caretaker Help with?

A caretaker for patients at home can provide help with preparing food, cleaning, and other daily household tasks. This is a great way to get some relief, and it will give your beloved ones the chance to continue living in their own house.

There are individual caretakers available if you only need support for yourself. Asking for help from family members does not always work out, and it can be difficult to monitor the level of support.

Therefore, you should consider hiring a professional caretaker, who will assist with all kinds of daily tasks. Tasks such as cooking and cleaning are common examples, but there are also possibilities for more specific tasks.

If your loved one is dependent on an oxygen supply, then the caretaker can help with everything from refilling tanks to keeping track of oxygen levels. Similarly, more specialized tasks can be assigned based on patients’ needs, doctor’s recommendations, and family demands.

If you have a patient who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, then the caretaker will be able to provide guidance and support. In this case, it is not really about completing daily tasks but rather providing company. The needs in these cases change with time, and that is why you will need to develop a long term plan with the caretaker for a patient at home.

Having an in home caregiver can give you peace of mind and reduce stress. It will decrease caregiver burnout. Similarly, it will also affect the well being of people around you positively. This is why we encourage everyone to take a more active role in providing support and to ask for help when you need it.

How Live In Care Works

A live in care placement is generally an arrangement where the primary caregiver works between Monday through Friday, providing 24 hour assistance during these hours. During that, 8 hrs of the time is allocated for sleep (or other activities). Moreover, another individual will watch over them so they can rest while still taking care of responsibilities.

Why Is Live In Care Better Than Live Out Care?

Live in care is better compared to living out care as it provides better opportunity to socialize with family members, and friends. There is always an option for flexibility of time and services. Moreover, the patient feels more comfortable living at home with familiar surroundings and objects. Also sometimes, disability care at home is much better compared to other options.

Who Should Provide Live In Care?

Live in care is an excellent choice for those who need consistent, reliable assistance with their daily tasks. We recommend hiring a live in caregiver if you have a patient that requires physical therapy or suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This type of case requires constant monitoring, which is why live in care option works really well.

How Long Should Live In Care & Personal Care Last?

Live in care arrangements can be permanently or temporarily. That being said, it all depends on your patient’s specific situation and the doctor’s recommendations. If they are physically capable of living alone but would benefit from an extra hand regarding certain day to day tasks, then hiring a live in caregiver for a few months may be the best choice.

What Does The Live In Carer Do?

Another similar question is what are home health care services. The primary responsibilities of a live in caretaker for patients at home will vary case by case. Some patient’s duties can include:

  • Physical Therapy – These patients require daily assistance to move around and exercise. The live in carer will provide them with the round the clock assistance they need.
  • Dementia – Patients suffering from dementia have a tendency to wander off and get lost, which is why it is important to constantly monitor them. If you hire a professional caregiver during these hours it makes sense for them to sleep near the patient.
  • Alzheimer’s – Patients with Alzheimer’s disease require assistance with completing daily tasks such as using the bathroom, taking medication, and cooking. Keeping them company is also important, but it should not take priority over their safety or care needs.

Health Care & Personal Hygiene of Adult:

Health care & personal hygiene are very important parts of people’s lives. But caring for another human being isn’t like taking care of yourself. It is especially important when it comes to hygiene. Your role as a caregiver can seem overwhelming at times.

Ensuring that the elderly shower and gets clean clothes can feel like a never ending challenge. But by taking some time for yourself, staying organized and proactive, you’ll be able to keep everyone around you happier and healthier.

Live In Caregiver Fees

Live in caregivers have an hourly fee that can vary depending on several factors. Some of these factors include the care provider’s experience, their location, and even what you need help with specifically.

The best way to receive personalized offers is by reaching out to us or call at Golden Age Companions. One of our staff members will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Live in caregiving is a 24/7 job that can consist of housekeeping, cooking, and caring for your loved one. Live in caregivers are the most convenient option if you cannot take time off from work. They go to the recipient’s home and provide around the clock care.

How Much Live In Care Costs & How To Pay a Caregiver

Live in caregivers are paid by the hour, and their wages depend on several factors. The most important aspects for determining hourly fees include:

  • Their education level: If they have a certification in home care they may charge more than someone who is not qualified.
  • Their location: Hourly rates tend to be higher in urban areas (e.g. NYC), which is why if you are looking for personal care in the suburbs you can expect it to be cheaper.
  • The service they offer: It is common for live in caregivers to charge more per hour when they prepare meals, cooking, cleaning, medication reminders, medical appointments, transportation services and check vital signs.
  • How much assistance is needed: Personal care providers that can help with multiple tasks may charge more than those who specialize in providing one type of care.

Live in caregivers are often paid through electronic deposit, although it is common for companies to contact them directly regarding payment issues. This means that the patient does not have to worry about any financial responsibilities.

Where to Hire Caregivers

It is important to note what specific services caregivers offer as per your needs and preferences. If you looking to hire a caregiver then be informed about their options and what they should look for when making this decision.

There is a multitude of ways to find a live in caregiver, but the best way is by reaching out to us. We have a range of qualified field professionals who can provide your family with excellent health care. Currently, Golden Age Companions is working in Orange County Area, and our head office is in Irvine, California.

Still, thinking about where to hire a caregiver?  Let us help you make an informed decision!

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