Tustin, CA

Let Golden Age Companions in Tustin, CA, help you or your loved one stay safe and comfortable at home with our expert care and support. Contact us to know more.

Senior Home Care in Tustin, CA

When it comes time to explore options for your loved one who is no longer able to manage their everyday affairs at home independently, senior home care can be the best option for them. At Golden Age Companions, we provide all the services they will need to not only prosper but in the confines of their own home. This is done by picking a plan that is specific to you and your loved ones needs and implementing that plan. This is done by our professional caregivers, who are experienced in providing the proper care your loved one needs to seniors daily.

Senior Home Care Services:

● Senior Home Care: Our caregivers give care to residents which ensure safe, independent living right at home.

● Interactive Caregiving: For seniors, staying active can be instrumental to them living a happy and healthy live. This service helps them stimulate their mind and body as well as staying socially active.

● Respite Care: When you’re going to be temporarily unavailable to provide them your caregiving services, don’t feel worried that they’ll get the care they need while you’re gone. We provide this service for situations just like this.

● Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care: We provide specialized care to residents who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s, ensuring they’re living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

● End of Life Care: The final stage of your loved one’s life is very important to you. Let us take the burden of the caregiving tasks away from you so you can enjoy this crucial time in both of your lives.

● Transitioning Home: Seniors being discharged to come home after surgery or rehabilitation may still need care, were here to provide them a helping hand in living independent again.


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