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December 24, 2021
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Home Health Aide Costs | Golden Age Companions

As people step down the lane of their 30s and 40s. Some obvious health issues surround them for sure. But with all that gradually aging process, the emotional attachment to the place starts to poke them every now and then. Most Americans in their 50s are emotionally so attached to their homes that leaving it altogether is a tough thing to ask them. Some people might have other reasons for not opting for a residential senior care community. Therefore, knowing home health aide costs is crucial.

However, opting for aging in place comes with some baggage. People who have serious health issues, can’t help themselves even in case of minor injuries. At that point in life, it gets hard to choose a path, whether to leave the comfort of home or to live there compromising your health.

In such circumstances, there’s still hope for people. They can always be taken care of in home care. So people can have their independence along with all the home health aides or home health care aides. Older adults can be conveniently managed and given a safer environment in that way. Also, the risk factor can fairly go down in home care.

Seniors have many options of different types of home care and home care providers. In our guide, different sorts of services that come with home care aides, various types of home health aides, and the costs of senior care are discussed to help you find the most suitable home health aide.

What is Home Health Aide?

Home care has wide meanings and it includes so many things at once. In home health aide, clients can have assistance in their daily living chores like meal preparation, bathing, transportation, and more. Medical assistance and therapies aren’t a part of it. The duration of having a home care aide is upon the client too. He can have it for an hour or 24 hours or for weeks, it’s up to him.

Families usually go for such assisted living facilities because they don’t want to compromise the comfort at home. Seniors are better off at the place where they have spent their entire lives. So it is better to let them have the space to themselves in the Golden years of their lives.

Who is in more need of Home Care?

For senior adults who are having a hard time moving from one place to another, home care professionals can help them in mobility. Also, the seniors who want help in daily tasks of life. The ones who can’t drive obviously would want another man to drive him to groceries and to every other destination.

Also, those who are living alone and want someone for the emotional support and physical presence around. Seniors who have memory impairment or are in the early stages of it. Those who generally want a hand in housekeeping facilities and more. They can all hire help and get nursing care in the comfort of their own space.

When should you consider getting home care help?

As people age with time, there are certain things that go out of hand. Doing any daily task may require double the effort. So home care allows you to have assistance of any sort and the time period of the assistance is up to you as well.

Also, for the people who don’t require around-the-clock care, a home health care aide works best. However, people are different yet there are some signs when you should seriously start considering getting some help,

  • Having issues in mobility
  • Memory losses
  • Having difficulties while driving
  • A prominent weight loss
  • Worsening hygienic conditions
  • Frequent accidents or minor injuries

General Home Care Services

Seniors can get assistance in many ways but there are some general services that they usually look for in a home health care agency. They might include cleaning, washing dishes, and doing the laundry. Also for little reminders in medication, grocery shopping, and very basic household chores.

Some Seniors might not be able to function properly and they need some extra care and help in bathing, toileting, eating, and dressing. Some are doing fine but they need companionship, someone who can read aloud to them, converse with them, and play board games to kill the loneliness of their lives. Seniors with memory impairment need constant supervision as well.

Different types of Home Health Aide

There are several types that fall under the shadow of a Home Health Aide. Based upon the type of facilities needed, there are different services. You can categorize what you want keeping in view your budget, abilities, and obviously your health.

Personal care, companion care, and home health care are the three main health care services. The client decides what suits him best.

Assistance in Personal Care

The ideal type of care one needs is personal assistance. Almost all the services one requires in daily living fall under this category. Seniors can get a hand in everything like toileting and bathing, mobility, grocery shopping, and more.

However, personal care assistance does not fulfill the medical needs of Seniors. There is no doubt that personal care is helping big time in almost every daily life thing. But if the client needs regular medical assistance then personal care assistance will not be that helpful.

Most of the time, families are unable to provide their loved ones with enough care that they require. Also, when the family caregiver is out of station or unable to perform services. Personal care aides help a lot at all those times.

Companion Care Services

For seniors that are agile enough to take care of themselves might need companion care services. All such people who are living alone and have isolated themselves most of the time will only seek some social support.

In companion services, clients can have aid in having someone by their side for simply talking and doing stuff together. Companion care aides can also help in much wider forms but mostly their job is to engage with the client in a healthy way.

People struggling with memory impairment can get help with companion assistance. Because they don’t really need someone to help them but living alone isn’t possible, so companion assistance can help.

Home Health Care Assistance

Home health care has medical assistance involved too. Usually, home health services are recommended not opted for. Physicians recommend their patients to get home care and their written order decides whether the services are insured or not.

Medical care services of almost all sorts are provided in home health care. Seniors having frequent medical needs can get help through such skilled nursing facilities. Also, home health care can be hired for a short period of time in case of injuries or some surgery.

Home Health Aide Cost in California

A survey conducted in California regarding Cost of Care in 2019, states that the national average cost of a home health aide is $4500 a month in California. However, the region has some geographic areas where the cost is conveniently affordable and also some areas where it is beyond the affordable range.

In areas like Los Angeles and Sacramento, the average cost recorded in assisted living was $4500 a month. However, Marin County has been the most expensive because the monthly cost goes up to $5830 a month. But some cities like Madera, Stockton, Riverside, Bakersfield, and Merced have an average monthly cost of $3175-$3650.

When it comes to Memory Care, the average cost rises 20% to 30% more. In that case, assisted living might get expensive and add loads of additional charges as well.

Home Care Costs in California

All across California, the average hourly cost is $27.98. However, the hourly pay rates might fluctuate from as low as $32/ hour to as high as $40/ hour. Areas like Bakersfield, Riverside, Chico, and Visalia are good concerning costs with an average of $30.00-35.oo / hour. Whereas, Santa Rosa, San Jose, and San Francisco are the costliest of them all with an average of $30.00-$33.00 / hour.

Home care aides with additional medical assistance have quite the same average hourly costs. However, $1.00 more per hour can be observed in some areas like Santa Cruz and Santa Maria. While in Vallejo, it is approximately $2.50 per hour or more.

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