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January 23, 2022
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Long term care is a broad category including the services required when a person has a chronic/long-term illness or disabling condition. The care can be temporary or long term depending on the need of the patient.

Long term care is given to patients/ elderly who are bedridden or cannot care for themselves. Also, this kind of care includes giving medicines and injections to the patients. Doctor’s visits might also be included in prolonged care. Moreover, nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices are places where people go for long term care.

Long Term Care and Home Health Services

Long term care can be provided in homes too by professionals like nurses and caregivers. This kind of care is known as home health services. Residents can manage their chronic conditions and maintain independence through long term services and support so that they do not need to go into a medical facility.

Services may include the following:

  • Help with daily activities such as bathing and dressing.
  • Assistance in living in the community.
  • Performance of tasks the individual is no longer able to do alone.
  • Managing medication.

Long Term Care Services at Home

There are several types of long term care services that are provided to loved ones at home. They not only improve the health and hygiene of people in need but also provide mental ease to families in difficult times.

Some of the long term home care services are as follows:

Health Care to Recovery

The long term care services provided at home by healthcare providers help people in getting back to their daily routine life. For example, for the person, who is bedridden or requires assistance for basic activities like bathing and changing clothes. The trained nurses and medical staff come as per the schedule recommended by doctors to provide health care services that promote recovery.

Companion Services

Friendly visits to the elderly on the bed are provided which reduce stress, loneliness and improve mental health. They help in the recovery process by providing encouragement, motivation, and companionship to do regular activities. Sometimes, companions from community services also join and socialize with people with chronic illnesses. This helps in improving ongoing health conditions.

Moreover, in home care service providers have plenty of trained staff to provide services. The caregivers help in activities that promote independence and self care. They support family members emotionally and physically during times of need by providing care at their convenience.

Personal Care Services

Patients in long term care often need personal care services to maintain healthy daily living and sustain hygienic life during difficult times. Personal care service providers are trained to provide services like bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and eating.

Additionally, long term care nurses also help in making patients feel secure about their safety during difficult times. They are responsible for taking complete care of the elderly. This includes providing medication on time and various other objectives as per the need of the patient. Consequently, they can lead a healthy life free from any complications.

Transportation Services

Transportation can be challenging when a person with a health problem is not able to move around. It becomes very hard for the senior people to move from one place to another or visit doctors, grocery stores, or any other place without help. You should also know caregiver duties and responsibilities.

Therefore, most of the care services providers have transportation facility that makes it easier for patients and their support networks to visit places or attend events without any complication.

Long Term Care at Home Vs Assisted Living Facilities

Long term care at home is better compared to assisted living facilities due to many factors. First, it is much cheaper. The average cost for an assisted living facility compared to home care is higher. This is because home care allows families to keep their relatives in their own homes for a fraction of the price.

In addition to being cheaper, studies have shown that seniors are better in their long term health when they live at home compared to unaccustomed locations. This is because people who live with family tend to get more social interaction and support from friends and family compared to those who live in homes for older individuals.

Living at home in old age leads to better health care. When seniors are sick, they do not need to go out of their homes or community. To receive treatment, care is provided by professionals at home. This leads to less chance of the elderly getting sick and more time for them to spend with their family.

In conclusion, long term care at home is better due to the lower cost and improved physical and mental health status compared to assisted living facilities.

Who needs Long term care?

Over the last few years, we have seen a great increase in the number of people that require long term care. Many factors can cause this increase. According to Statistics, the growing number of Elderly People and the increased number of Disabilities & Illnesses are two leading factors of the high demand for care services. Home health aides improve personal care and daily living through support services in the presence of family members.

The factors involved in assessing long term care are as follows:

  • Cognitive Level/mental health
  • Physical Injuries or disabilities
  • Functional limitations
  • Chronic Conditions or a combination of two or more disabling conditions
  • Lifestyle, Income, and other socio economic factors

More information on Long Term Care

Long term care insurance involves planning ahead to protect your loved ones from the costs of a nursing home or assisted living care. You should explore home health care services.

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