Costa Mesa, CA

Golden Age Companions provides top-quality senior care services in Costa Mesa, CA. Our gracious caregivers are dedicated to improving the lives of seniors in the community.

In-Home Care for Seniors of Costa Mesa, CA

We believe that seniors’ minds and bodies are invigorated by physical and psychological stimulation.  That’s why at the core of our services is keeping clients active, healthy, and engaged.  The way we do this is through something called ‘Interactive Caregiving,’ which is the method our aides have for turning individual daily activities into interesting, exciting, even inspiring experiences.

These experiences can be simple ones like conversing, playing games, or doing something our clients think is fun.  These are companion services.  Other examples of ‘Interactive Caregiving’ are cooking, and administering medication, which is personal services.

In Costa Mesa, our clients like to take advantage of the community’s natural beauty.  Our caregivers take clients on walks by the duck pond and in many other parks in the area.

Involvement in Costa Mesa

All of our caregivers provide transportation, so it’s easy to keep clients involved in the community.  A large event that many of our caregivers can take you or your senior loved one to is the Orange County Fair, which has concerts, rides, and delicious food.  Another landmark is the local Civil War Reenactment.  It’s a way of supporting veterans, learning history, and getting entertainment all at the same time.

We work with nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals so that our clients receive additional care and detailed attention they need.


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